Welcome to the 2023 Tiffin Flea Market!!

{January 1, 2024}

On this website are the sign-up sheets/forms in PDF format for the 2024 Tiffin Flea Market.
Find and print the correct one for you.

Fill out the form completely and enclose the correct amount of money, check or money order please.
Return before April 1, 2024.

1). You must have a vendor's license for on outside full season reserved or inside reserved.

2). Hang tags and Copy of Rules & Regulations will be passed out on setup day at the OFFICE.

3). If you are in a building or full season reserved outside DO NOT come before 11 AM on Friday, waiting before that must be in the waiting line.

4). Waiting line assembles Thursday evening at GATE 5 and is released at 10:30AM Friday Morning, no early waiting anywhere else.

5). No vendor's license you are on a first come first serve system, starting at 9 AM on Friday mornings at the office.

6). Buildings will NOT open before the line is completely in so, Please DO NOT come early and be in the way!

7). Buildings will open about 11 AM. Once trailers are unloaded, they must be moved to an outer fence or parking lot.
Thanks for making our job as volunteers easier!!!
Let’s have a busy and successful season.
Seneca County Junior Fair Foundation Committee

Advisement to Dealers

A state law requires vendors to have a valid vendor’s license to be legal to conduct business and is to provide the show management the license number. Note: a change in securing vendor’s licenses was made 9/29/2000. Please be aware. There is only one type of vendor’s license in effect. It is a transient’s license required by every vendor to have at a cost of $25 good any place in Ohio. There is no renewal fee. A vendor’s license application form may be obtained from any county auditor’s office but must be sent to Columbus to obtain the license. Seneca County Auditor, 109 S. Washington St. (Corner of S. Washington St. & E. Market St.), Tiffin, Ohio 44883-2841 – PH 419-447-0692. Send payment of $25 made payable to “Treasurer State of Ohio” with application form to: Ohio Department of Taxation, Registration Unit, P.O. Box 182215, Columbus, Ohio 43218-2215, PH 1-800-282-1782. Info on web site: https://www.state.oh.use/tax/ Applications are also available from the Tiffin Flea Market upon request.

Vendor must have this license number and it must be on record with management to set up.

Rules and Regulations

Seneca County Jr. Fair Foundation Committee
Tiffin Flea Market

Please read all rules and regulations. If you have any questions,
please contact Joan Zimmerman, flea market manager.

Office Hours
Friday 9:00am - 6:00 pm Saturday 6:00am – 12:00 pm Sunday 7:00am – 12:00pm
(“Youth Center” Tan Building White picket fence)
P.O. Box 297  100 Hopewell Ave. Tiffin, Ohio 44883


General Rules

NOTE: Your next show space fees are to be paid before you leave on Sunday at 3:00 pm, at the office, or your space could be someone else’s.
• Please show respect to our volunteers. They are representing the Jr. Fair Foundation and are available to help you.
• As a matter of public and visitor safety, we ask that no vehicles are driven within the flea market area during the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Saturday) and (9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Sunday) of the Flea Market week-end.
• Volunteers will be circulating to collect fees at approximately 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. We ask that you remain at your booth and have money ready to pay. In the event you are not available or do not have your money, a $5.00 late fee will be charged! Please inform collectors if you are using electric (i.e.: using a coffee pot, fan, heater, lights, etc.), camping or renting tables.
• During set-up and teardown, PLEASE RESPECT other dealer space areas and their display. The advanced paid spaces will be marked ‘RESERVED’ in white on the pavement. All space boundaries will be painted or marked.
• No Subletting by Vendors will be permitted. Violations will terminate reservation.
• No Live animal sales.
• NO unauthorized golf carts permitted in show area.


The flea market management reserves the right to:  

  • Refuse display of any items in violation of U.S. Trademark Law (knock-off purses, sunglasses, etc.) or any items that are not in the best interest of the public.
  • Refuse set up which is not to be in the interest of the flea market
  • Refuse set up of VENDOR not abiding by the rules described in this document, using abusive language or not following management instructions.
  • Settle disputes in accordance with the flea market management committee. These rules will be enforced!
  • All refunds will be sent at end of season.

Space Fee License Issued When Paid

By paying a “Space Fee” you, your agents, employees and/or assigns hereby grants you a “License” to participate as a vendor in the Tiffin Flea Market which is sponsored by the Seneca County Junior Fair Foundation, an Ohio Not-For Profit Corporation, hereinafter referred to as Licensor.  You are a Licensee.  Licensee voluntarily assumes all risks incidental to the event for which the License is issued, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the event.  Licensor reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the entrance price, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly, or who fails to comply with these or other Licensor rules.

In the event of power failures, strikes, severe weather conditions, riots, war or other unforeseen events or catastrophes beyond the control of Licensor, at the sole discretion of Licensor, you may be denied entry to the Flea Market or the Flea Market may be cancelled or the time/date of the event may be changed.  In the event that you are denied entry to the Flea Market or the Flea Market is cancelled and not rescheduled, Licensor shall refund the cost of your entry fee.  

Seneca County Ag Society - Fairground Regulations

• No guns or ammunitions allowed to be sold or on the grounds.
• Fire Code regulates parking near buildings and has limitations on use of electricity from plug in circuits.
• NO SMOKING is permitted in the buildings, or within 25 feet of the entrance (this is monitored).
• No vehicles in the buildings ($25.00 fee imposed upon the first offense).
• NO PETS allowed on the fairgrounds (signs are posted at all entrances).


• Overnight camping is permitted.
• Camping fee is $25.00 per night per vehicle.
• Camping is restricted to designated areas only (per Seneca County Health District).

Table Rentals

• Tables are available for rent at a rate of $7.00 each.
• Wet tables left uncovered are not exchangeable for dry tables.
• Dealers must advise fee collectors they have rented tables. Failure to advise will be a double fee per table.
• No table refunds!

Electric Fee

  • A flat fee of $6.00 a weekend for electric use, or $3.00 per day.
  • Electric use consists of connections for coffee pot, fan, heater, lights, etc.
  • Please inform volunteers when they collect of use.


State of Ohio Vendor License

State law requires vendors to have a valid vendor’s license to be legal to conduct business.  The state also requires you to register the vendor number with the Flea Market manager.  (A reservation will not be accepted.)  There are other types. Most vendors do use a “Transient’s license”, but may use a different type if they already have one in place. The cost of the license is $25.00.  There is no renewal fee and the license can be used anywhere in the state of Ohio. Information is available on the web site: Http://www.state.oh.use/tax.

You will be issued a “HANG TAG” to be displayed on your rearview mirror.  This must be visible in your parked car at the flea market.  It will let management and flea market volunteer workers know that you have been taken care of at the office.  You will be given 2 per vendor. Hang tags need to be kept and used for the whole year in which they are issued. There will be a $5.00 fee per hang tag to replace them if lost.

Food, Food and more Food!

Breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday in the “Youth Center” on the fairgrounds by the Jr. Fair Foundation.

Hours of serving are 7:00 am to 10:00am Vendors and public are welcome.                                                                                                                             The building is air conditioned/heated and very comfortable with a nice dining area available.

Carry outs are also available for your convenience.

The menu consists of a choice such as: 2 eggs sunny side/over easy/hard/scrambled with toast (white/wheat) and jelly, 1 egg in sandwich with choice of bread (sausage/bacon/cheese is optional); sausage gravy on biscuit; omelets, coffee, tea, juice and milk.

Thank you for supporting the efforts of our staff and 4-H volunteers.

Food Concessions

There are many food concessionaires on the fairgrounds serving a wide variety of food and drink.  Please consider patronizing our food vendors while you are at the Flea Market.

(All food vendors are contracted)

Motel Information (Vendors inquire about discounts)

Name City Phone Number
Holiday Inn Express Tiffin, OH 419-443-5100
Tiffin Motel Tiffin, OH 419-447-7411
Best Western Fostoria, OH 419-436-3600
Hampton Inn Tiffin, OH 419-443-5300
Travel Lodge Tiffin, OH 419-447-6313

Thank you for supporting the Seneca County Jr. Fair Foundation committee proceeds benefit
the Junior Fair program at the Seneca County Fair